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Item Name: Texas County Mutual Licensing Course
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Summary of Course

Summary of Course


This course is designed to prepare the student with the knowledge and abilities to demonstrate to the Texas Department of Insurance that he/she has acquired sufficient knowledge to be licensed as a  Texas County Mutual Agent without further testing.


The student will learn about general insurance products, insurance terms and concepts, and Texas statues and rules pertinent to selling insurance. The student will be required to show his/her mastery of these topics.


To prepare the student to show his or her mastery these insurance topics the student must read the 5 chapters of comprehensive study material on line. The reading material has been broken down into 20 units with a quiz after each unit. The student must show proficient knowledge of the unit material (80% passing) to progress to the next unit.


Upon completion of the online study, the student may download the study manual (PDF file) for  additional study preparation.


The student must show his/her mastery of the course materials by passing a proctored comprehensive 60 multiple-choice examination with a score of at least 70%.